How important is employee engagement to the bottom-linesuccess of your company? Accordingto Gallup: “It’s fundamental, it has been estimated that companies with higher employee engagement are a 147% more profitable than those with less employee engagement. “At Jars of Light we use Team Building and active learning to amplify employee engagement to assist your company go from good to great. Team building is great way to take your organisation’s employee engagement to the next level. It is all about developing people and seeing them smile and walk away with a different mind-set about each other and theirwork place than when they walked in. The Team building sessions we present have the potential to bring everybody closer together, help them interact with people they would have never interacted with before, building relationships, and with the trustcultivatedeveryone can work together more harmoniously.

At Jars of light we do team building to help organisations experience the joy of working together, it is too easy to losesight of how amazing the people we work with are. Some of us spend more time with our colleagues at work then we do with our families at home, so we need to make sure that there is unity, harmony, trust as well great communication among the employees.We specialise in providing teambuilding sessions for cooperate companies, schools, churches, etc. we also do leadership training camps for schools, camps, youth programs, motivational talks and mentorship programs.

Organisational Culture Transformation

Every organization, business or school that exists today is busy building a certain kind of culture whether they know it or not, orthey arebusyreaping the fruits (good or bad) of a culture that has been built over the years. It is very crucial that, organisations, Create, build and sustain a good healthy culture within the company, a culture that will cultivate, encourage and foster the practice of positive values, unity, trust, communication as well as excellent team work. Culture is the total sum of the habits of the individuals in the organization.

You as an organisation will have to be clear and intentional about the type of culture you want see developing within your company and among your employees.

“Men (Companies)do not decide their future. They decide their habits and their habits decide their future.”


At Jars of light we are passionate about helping organisations, whether it be corporate companies or schools,buildand sustain a healthy organisations culture.We develop Custom Value Driven Programs to meet the needs in your company so that you can effectively build the culture that you desire for your company and we also assist in the implementation thereof.

Jars of Light Foundation

Jars of Light Foundationisan NPO that was founded in 2018. Jars of Light Foundation is a youth empowerment initiative that was founded for the sole purpose of making a difference in the lives of people specifically for young people. At the Jars of Light Foundation we have a desire to empower young people through,Career exhibitions, motivational talks, connecting young people with potential investors, vocational jobs/job shadowing,etc.